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Tim-Construction has proudly served homeowners for over thirty years. We pride ourselves on innovation, customer satisfaction, and a scrupulous attention to detail. It’s not okay if the wall is not square or straight. We want the process to be as wondrous as possible, and the outcome to be even more so. A home is typically the biggest investment any American will ever make, and we want you to rest easy making memories with your friends and loved ones.

We’ve been the leading contractors in our area for over two-decades now because people have come to understand that Tim-Construction equals quality.

We’re delighted to answer questions about the building process, how we can save you money building your home, and how to keep your home maintained after we have built it.

Rest assured that we take detailed notes so that we’re always on the same page.

We’re also delighted to add that we have a new team of interior designers, who can offer advice, or who can help design, or even fully design the inner landscape of your home.

And speaking of landscaping, we offer the areas best landscape designers and teams so that your beautiful getaway can be made into a reality.

Building Technologies We Use

When you’re building a home, the quality of the materials and the technologies that are incorporated are of paramount importance. One only has to look at areas around the world where natural disasters have occurred and then compared those natural disasters to areas where higher building standards were utilized to know that building with the best materials and the best technologies not only saved billions of dollars in some places, but also saved thousands, if not upwards of hundreds of thousands, of lives.

At Tim-Construction, our aim is to provide our customers with the very best in terms of materials and technologies. We offer a wide range of building systems–but we only offer the best in terms of craftsmanship.

Insulated Concrete Forms (ICFs)

Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs)

High-Efficiency Traditional Framing


Many of our customers love the power, stability, and even the efficiency of a well-made ICF home. At Tim-Construction, we’ve attended countless trainings from the developers, and have been awarded some of the highest competency awards possible. ICFs were developed in 1967, which is surprising to a lot of people because it hasn’t been until recently that many people even began talking about them.

ICFs are a tried-and-true technology, that offers powerful structures, as well as more energy efficiency than traditional building. The forms are made from styrofoam blocks, that are stacked together and then filled with concrete.

Many of our customers report just how much more comfortable and quiet their ICF home is versus their previous, wood-framed homes.

ICFs are much less prone to fire and flood and rot problems than traditional homes as well, and so even though the prices are a little bit higher (for an average 2500 sq foot home, the ICF home amounts to about $7,000 more), the slightly higher costs far outweigh the risks of fire and flood and even outweighs the financial impact throughout the long haul.


We love our structural insulated panels. They’re faster to work with, easier to work with, and they provide a stronger, more energy efficient home.

Like ICFs, SIPs were developed much earlier than is commonly known, dating back to the 1930s. They are tried and true and are currently the most energy-efficient homes on the market.

SIPs are made from a foam core sandwiched with OSB sheathing.

All panels, while highly customizable, are prefabricated, which is another reason why the exterior can be built so quickly. Our SIPs homes are framed in, in less than a week. From there we build the interior walls and floors.

Other SIPs Options

For our customers who are want to build in Spokane, we offer another panel system–Bondstone’s PermaPanel (https://bensonbondstone.com). While the technology itself is new, the design and strengths come from the tried-and-true methods of the SIPs and the ICFs.

The PermaPanel system utilizes aerated concrete panels that are structurally secure to create a home that has all of the strength benefits of the ICFs, with the energy-efficiency of SIPs.

An added bonus is that it is a complete building system, incorporating the foundation, exterior and interior walls, floors and stairs, and even the roof.

Aside from the very real benefits of fire and flood protection, the PermaPanel home is also the most affordable option available.

High-Efficiency Traditional Framing

While many of our customers appreciate “non-traditional” homes, it’s undeniable that many still love a home built from wood.

We utilize spray foam to add extra strength to the home, but more importantly, to seal up the otherwise drafty reality that is a wood home. Our partners are also able to give us great discounts for our triple-paned windows.

With ever-rising energy prices, we want our customers secured in the immediate with a well-built home and for the long term with an energy efficient home.

We have satisfied hundreds of families with our traditionally built homes, and are excited to see what we can do for you and yours.

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